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Varsity High School

Varsity High School Program

USA Youth and High School Rugby and USA Rugby have a strong commitment to developing Varsity Initiative Rugby Teams throughout the United States and its outlying Territories.

A young man getting tackled by another rugby player.

Nationwide Rugby Advancement

In collaboration with USA Rugby, we are introducing a membership tier for schools. This initiative streamlines rugby's integration into athletics, aligns with traditional rugby clubs, and simplifies insurance concerns.

Benefits of Membership
Easy integration into school athletics
No insurance or liability conflicts
Nationwide rugby growth
How to Apply

Application Process

Apply Now
Mark Your Calendar
Varsity Initiative Teams can apply from July 1st for the next registration cycle starting September 1st.
Prepare Your Application
Complete the application, including a letter of support from your school or district.
Board of Directors Approval
Our Board of Directors will review applications and respond within 21 days.
Finalize Your Status
If approved, the documents will be submitted to USA Rugby for their records.
Understand Your Fees
State Youth Rugby Organizations may apply individual player and/or team fees at their discretion.


Get your questions answered.

What type of membership is this?

We offer per team memberships at $200 per team.

What if our school has multiple teams?

Each team from your school is considered separate and requires its own membership.

How do players register?

Players register with their team through our platform at no charge, though additional fees may apply.

What is the membership duration?

Memberships are active from September 1st – August 31st and cover all sanctioned rugby activities.

What are the coach and admin requirements?

Coaches and admins must register through our platform, pay fees, and coaches must be certified.

Does the membership include insurance?

No, schools must provide insurance for their players, coaches, and administration.

Still Have Questions?

Get answers from a member of our team.

2023/2024 Varsity Initiative Programs


Greenwich High School

Fairfield Prep


Owyhee High School

Eagle High School

Mountain View High School

Meridian High School

Rocky Mountain High School

Centennial High School


Hononegah Community High School

Fenwick High School

Brother Rice High School


Rockford HS


New Jersey

Hudson Catholic

New York

New Rochelle High School

Xavier High School

Fordham Prep

St. Anthony's


St. Xavier High School

St. Ignatius High School

St. Edward High School

Archbishop Moeller


Patrick Henry High School


Strake Jesuit High School

Saint Thomas High School

Saint Pius X High School



Hamilton High School