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Funding Available for New Clubs

Ignite Club Fund

Igniting rugby through grassroots club creation. This program seeks to fuel the growth of rugby at the U18 level for players, coaches, referees and in turn cultivate the next generation of rugby players.


Eligibility Information

Application Eligibility

Open to all USA Youth and High School members. Funded programs operate under SYRO and require a clear plan for club establishment, growth, and sustainability.

Progress Reports

Recipients must submit progress reports, outlining achievements, challenges, and grant fund usage to ensure accountability and transparency.

Application Period

November, 14 2023 — January, 19 2024
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How to Apply

Grants go to YHS Rugby. Applications should address the specified areas and include a presentation or written format.

Format applications like business plans.
Download Full Guidelines
Program/Establishment Plan
Club/School Name
501c3 Status
Marketing & Outreach Strategies
Financial Plan
Name of Treasurer
Budget Estimation
Use of funds
People & Playing Field(s)
Coaches, Referees, Administrators
Certifications & bios
Practice & match venues
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Ignite Club Fund

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