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Major League Rugby Extends Sponsorship of Coaching Platform

November 8, 2023

Major League Rugby has agreed to extend its sponsorship of the YHS Coaching Platform. The goal of the coaching platform is to provide a core curriculum to every coach across the country and therefore promote a friendly and fun environment for each player to thrive in. The Major League Rugby sponsorship allows for this resource to be delivered for free to the entire community.President of USA Youth and High School Rugby, David Pool commented,“Coaching support and continued coaching development is a top priority for the USA Youth & High School Rugby Board. This partnership will allow coaches to tap into a developed, free curriculum and laid out season training plan with video instructions to assist in delivering high quality practices for each and every coach across the country.”Mick Byrne, Head Coach of Fiji Drua & Six Degree Director, commented, “Our Vision is to provide a resource that puts the World’s best Skills, Activities & Games into the hands of everybody! Our IP is accumulated from AFL, Super Rugby, Heineken Cup, Olympic, NRL experience & success that has ultimately produced 3x World Cup Gold Medals. The Six Degree Sports Platform is the enabler and with this, we felt that we can genuinely make a difference”The platform features time-coded videos for each activity or game, session customization to suit the needs of a team or club of any level, along with in-video