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Urban Rugby Championship: A Week of Champions, Culture, and Connection

July 10, 2024


Urban Rugby Championship

USA Rugby Youth & High School is thrilled to celebrate the resounding success of Urban Rugby America’s flagship annual event- the Urban Rugby Championship (URC) held recently in Washington DC! This electrifying week showcased the power of rugby to unite communities, foster cultural exchange, and cultivate exceptional athletic talent. 

Inner-city programs from across the nation converged on the nation's capital, transforming the city into a battleground of exhilarating competition. On the pitch, raw talent and unwavering determination collided in every match. The boys' final saw Chicago's team dominate with an undefeated record, demonstrating their exceptional skill and teamwork. However, a twist in the girls' final saw Memphis emerge victorious, delivering a stunning display of strategy and defensive prowess.

Yet, Urban Rugby America’s impact extends far beyond the scoreboard. It's a journey of exploration and inspiration. Teams ventured into the heart of American history, touring iconic landmarks like the Lincoln Memorial and Washington Monument. The young people also toured the National Museum of African American History & Culture. This was an important experience connecting the students closer to the realities of injustices and racism faced by people of color in America while highlighting inspiration found in the fight for freedom and countless innovations & cultural contributions.

The spirit of camaraderie wasn't confined to the field. The pre-tournament dinner was a vibrant celebration, where teams from different backgrounds shared stories, laughter, and a shared passion for rugby. These interactions fostered lasting friendships, solidifying the unifying power of the game and this special national network. 

Beyond the Games: Building a Brighter Future for Rugby

USA Rugby Youth & High School is particularly proud of the URA’s commitment to empowering young athletes. Their championship provides a platform for under-resourced athletes, offering subsidized travel and valuable resources that would otherwise be inaccessible. This dedication to inclusivity ensures that all players, regardless of background, can compete at the highest level and experience the transformative power of rugby.

The URC's success wouldn't be possible without the unwavering support of its sponsors and partners, all dedicated to youth empowerment and community advancement. We thank the US Rugby Foundation, The Atlas Foundation, and Major League Rugby for their invaluable contributions.

Join the Movement!

Through the Urban Rugby Championship, Urban Rugby America is charting a groundbreaking course for American rugby. It's a week of athletic excellence, cultural immersion, and lasting connections. We invite you to learn more about this incredible event and explore ways to get involved at

Together, let's continue cultivating a future for rugby in America that is inclusive, inspiring, and thrives on the power of community.